The founding members of the Five Strong team are all former athletes and believe in the value and importance of exercise, competition and empowerment.

“We take for granted the ability to leave our house, exercise, compete and have fun,” said founding member Brett Hatcher. “Our goal is to provide that same experience to those that can’t just get up and go when they want.”

By partnering with Recreation Unlimited, the Five Strong team has captured a way to give back, while also receiving an immense amount of pleasure and joy of their own.

“Trust me in saying, it only took the first smile to make me all in. It would do the same to you as well,” said founding member Clayton Davis.

Listen as Paul Huttlin, Executive Director & CEO of Recreation Unlimited,
shares his thoughts on his organization and the impact of Five Strong.

“My son was a participant at the camp. He has very high functioning autism. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since he got home. It is an experience that he won’t forget. You cannot understand what this meant to him.”

“I volunteered at a bunch of Special Olympics both in Ohio and here in the desert. The experience is beyond words… needless to say, I’m pretty sure I got as much out of it as the participants did!!!”

“As a brother of a brother with a disability, this brought tears of joy to my eyes.”

“Five Strong will never fully understand the impact they have made on my daughter. Thank you for caring.”