Since 2015, Five Strong has been hosting Special Skills Sports camps that have been attended by more than 2,000 athlete participants at no cost to them. In the beginning, football and basketball camps were held at Ohio State University facilities, while soccer camps took place at the Columbus Crew’s indoor facility.

Recently, Five Strong transitioned into a partnership with Recreation
Unlimited. Now, it hosts full-day camps at the Recreation Unlimited
Campus just north of Columbus, Ohio. These Five Strong Camps combine activity with camaraderie and have become a day that every camper eagerly awaits. A typical camp day consists of various indoor and outdoor activities, including, but not limited to:

Rock-climbing               Soccer
Softball                            Swimming
Archery                           Fishing
Basketball                      Pontoon Boat Rides

Anywhere between 25 and 100 athletes or more may attend any given Five Strong Camp. The campers all receive lunch and t-shirts. Additionally, medals and awards are handed out during a ceremony at the conclusion of the camp that features plenty of smiles, hugs and applause.

In addition to the camps, the Five Strong team has also made contributions to the County Boards of Developmental Disabilities to help feed the underserved community in Central Ohio.


In 2024, the Five Strong team will be hosting camps at Recreation
Unlimited on May 13 and September 19.


Founded in 1958, Recreation Unlimited Foundation is a not-for-profit
organization serving individuals with disabilities and health concerns.
The overall mission of Recreation Unlimited is to provide year-round
programs in sports, recreation and education, while building selfconfidence, self-esteem and promoting positive human relations, attitudes
and behaviors for individuals with disabilities and health concerns. The
campus is approximately 195 acres, centrally located in Ohio, 35 minutes
north of Columbus. Due to the many generous donors, the year-round
newly constructed and renovated campus buildings are air conditioned
and include a 20,000 sq ft Life Center, a 10,850 sq ft semi-private residence
hall, three additional residence halls, private guest cottages for retreats, a
health services center, nurses’ quarters, a multi-purpose lodge, dining hall
and creative center and welcome center.
The immaculate grounds feature welcome fountains and gardens, an
outdoor pavilion, accessible and universal play areas, a musical garden,
outpost camp site and other support buildings. There is also state of the
art outdoor sports facilities that includes an aquatic center, accessible
archery pavilion and range, a boat house, accessible canoe launch, tennis
and sports court, softball field, 25 ft tree climb, two challenge courses and
a 50 ft. Alpine Tower.
For more information about Recreation Unlimited, visit its website at click
on the button below.

“My son participates every time in what he calls the Five Strong Games. This type of activity is extremely important because it teaches them to do their best, have fun and do things that they don’t normally get to do. But most importantly, everyone just treats them normal and everyone is so great with them. It’s an incredible program and God bless the Five Strong team for making it happen.”